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  2. Each worksheet has a brief description under  the thumbnail.
  3. Click on the  thumbnail to open the pdf form of the worksheet
  4. Or you may download the worksheet directly

Readiness and Class I–  math worksheets to help kids practice math skills:counting, tracing numbers 1 to 10, recognizing numbers, geometry shapes, clocks &, positions, long, short, days of week

Classes I & II math worksheets on: Graphs, line plots, picture graphs, symmetry, 3D shapes, telling time, fractions, addition, subtraction, numbers & counting, money coins, bar graphs, tallies, spatial sense and more

Classes II & III  math worksheets on : Fractions, place value, addition & subtraction, concept of division, classification, probability, possible outcomes, word problems Venn diagram, counting in twos, threes, and more,

Classes III &  IV math worksheets on : Addition & subtraction with regrouping, divisibility rules, congruent figures, area of complex figures, angles, perimeter, area, factors, Roman numerals and more

Classes IV &V math worksheets on : Rounding numbers, place value, multiplication, unit cost, long division, mean, mode median, inequalities, linear equations, integers, plotting coordinate pairs,and more

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